Q. I did not receive a link to my athlete's gallery. 

A. Gallery Links are emailed to the email address provided by your team, club or league. If you did not receive an email, it's likely due to the following: Alternate email address on file with your team. (i.e. spouse) Typo in your address. Went to spam. Blocked by a school or corporate firewall. Regardless, if you need a link, contact Wes Maggio with your player's last name and team name, and we'll find it for you!


Q. I'm trying to access my photos, but my passcode is either not working or I cannot remember it.

A. Your passcode is a unique identifier associated with you or your athlete. Often times your passcode is indicated on the top of the photo form that you filled out and handed to the photographer at the time your athlete's photo was taken. Other times, your passcode is a membership number (i.e. IKWF), your last name, or an assigned a number via email.

If you are unable to locate or determine your passcode, contact Wes Maggio.



Q. When are photo orders due?

A. Your photo order due date is determined by your program administrator and communicated via email invitation to view your personal portrait gallery. Due dates are typically a week or two following your picture day. If you have questions about your order due date, please contact your program administrator. Alternatively, contact Wes Maggio.


Q. I missed the due date to place a photo order. Can I still place an order?

A. Yes! Your photos are stored on our server accessible via your personal gallery for a period of time. If your photos are viewable in your gallery, you may place an order. All print and specialty photo items are shipped directly to your home.


Q. What delivery/shipping options do you offer?

A. As of the Fall of 2018, ALL print and specialty photo orders are shipped directly to customers from our lab. Some larger products, such as banners and posters may be delivered to your team administrator. Pick is not an option at this time.


Q. There are multiple poses to choose from in my gallery. Can I select a combination of poses within a single package?

A. Packages are limited to TWO unique images per package. Commonly, a portrait and a team photo, but you can select any two images that you like. NOTE: Team photos count toward the two images in a package. They are not included. Additional portraits or a team photo may be purchased individually or in additional packages. Both of which are available in the Shop.


Q. I need some advice on placing my order, can you give me a hand?

A. Sure! Send me an email requesting assistance, and if you wish, a phone number at which we can reach you and we will give you a call. Let me know what team and/or club you are with when contacting us.



Q. What kind of finishes do you offer for prints?

A. By default, prints are offered in a luster finish. If however, you would prefer a glossy finish, simply make note of this in the notes field when checking out.


Q. I would prefer digital photos as opposed to prints. Is that an option?

A. Yes, you may purchase digital image files for a variety of uses, such as printing at home or a preferred provider. Additionally, there is a "mobile image" option for use in email, social networking sites, etc. When viewing a photo, click "View All Products" to locate the digital image file options.


Q. I love all of my photos! Can I purchase all of the photos in my gallery?

A. Yes, various digital options are available. Typically, you may purchase all the images in your gallery for one, affordable price. A link will be sent to you within 24 hours to download (link) ALL of the photos in your gallery. Alternatively, individual digital images (high-rez or mobile) are available immediately for download.


Q. I am interested in a product or size that is not offered. Do you have any additional options, other than the choices available online?

A. Yes. I have selected a variety of products believed to meet the needs of the majority of parents. If however, you are interested in something not listed, just ask and I will do my very best to accommodate you.


Q. I coach/work with another team, and I'm interested in having you work with us.

A. The great majority of the work we do is through referrals from other teams. We are happy to speak to you about your team, club or league. Send me an email and let's set up a time to chat!

Q. I have something very specific in mind. Do you do custom work?

A. Yes, I offer a variety of photography, retouching, design and photo-illustration services. I would welcome the opportunity to create a unique product just for you! Simply send me an email and let me know what you have in mind.



Q. What kind of paper and print quality can I expect?

A. Photos are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, long been considered the finest color photographic paper available. Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper yields deep, rich blacks, vivid colors, and excellent contrast. This industry-standard paper and associated print process is recognized in the industry for unsurpassed color fidelity and longevity.


Q. My prints are cropped differently than what I saw in my gallery. Why?

A. The aspect ratio of an image in your gallery does not always match the standard dimensions of a print. Minor cropping can occur to fill the dimensions of a specified print size. Some images within an order may be cropped to accommodate a certain print size, while others are not. 


Q. My prints look different than the way they look on my computer, tablet or mobile phone. How come?

A. The color that you see on displays can differ from the color that you see in your prints for a variety of reasons. For example:

1.     The age and quality of your display. An old and/or lower-quality monitor or display is incapable of displaying a neutral gray from edge to edge.

2.     The viewing angle of your display. Viewing a display titled up, down or at angles- even slightly-can significantly affect the appearance of color.

3.     Displays are rarely calibrated or profiled to deliver accurate color. Every display is unique. Just like the appearance of one television to the next in an electronics store, colors on a variety of displays can differ widely. To lessen the variance between the color you see on screen and your prints, a regularly calibrated and profiled display is necessary.

4.     Working conditions of the room. The amount of light and its value in the room in which you are viewing photos can have a significant effect on the appearance of the images on-screen. For example a room with warm incandescent lights or cool fluorescent or LED lights. Sunlight too can influence the color on-screen.



Q. There are more photos of some kids/athletes than others. Are there more photos of my athlete than what is in my gallery?

A. All photos available for purchase have been placed in your gallery. Every session is unique. Some subjects are more comfortable in front of a camera than others.


Q. What if I am not satisfied with my prints or order?

A. As a proud parent, like you, I know how important your memories are to you, and I want you to be totally satisfied with the products and services that I offer.  If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your order, please let me know and I will do my very best to correct the situation. Simply send me an email.


Q. Are you available for other types of photography, such as senior portraits and family portraits?

A. Yes, I am available for family, sports, senior portraits, and other photographic projects. I have nearby access to studio space, makeup artists, and hair stylists. Additionally, I offer private sessions in your home, office and other locations. If you would like to discuss a session, please send me an email and let me know what you have in mind.



Have a question that is not addressed here? Contact Wes Maggio